Halloween is by far one of the most popular and fun holidays in the U.S. Kids all across the country look forward to dressing up, running through neighborhoods, and collecting candy. Because Halloween takes place after the sun goes down and in areas where cars are prevalent, it is so important to keep safety in mind.

Important Halloween Trick or Treating Safety Tips

When heading out on Halloween with your small children or sending off your teen on his or her own, be sure to heed these safety tips…

*If there is an option, select a neighborhood that usually has low traffic. Those that provide no through traffic are ideal.
Stay safe this Halloween with safety tips from AIS, Inc.*Always walk on sidewalks.
*Remind children to never dart out in the street to get to another house or to say hello to a friend.
*Be sure to cross at crosswalks and street corners. Head down one side of the neighborhood instead of crossing back and forth to houses.
*Encourage kids to not look at their cell phones while walking to they can be alert to cars coming and going.
*Stick to areas that are well lit and familiar.

Halloween Costume Safety Tips

Kids and parents spend hours choose and creating Halloween costumes. Here are some essential safety tips when it comes to costumes…

*When possible, choose face paint over a mask that can obstruct vision.
*Add glowsticks around their necks, wrists or waist to increase visibility
*Decorate treat bags with reflective tape or stickers
*Ensure costumes fit well to avoid tripping.

Halloween Candy and Your Health

Now that you have come home with tons of candy, what do you do? Here are some strategies to stay healthy and protect your teeth…

*Try to consume candy after a meal when saliva production is high. This helps to wash the sugar off teeth.
*Continue to brush twice a day and floss once a day.
*Increase water intake.
*Stash treats away. When they are sitting out, you are more likely to indulge.
*Choose everyone’s favorite and donate the rest to a good cause.

Different types of candy have different effects on your teeth. Check out which candy is the best and which is the worst in the Dental Health Survival Guide blog.

No matter what your Halloween plans, staying safe is always a priority. Whether you are a scary monster or a pretty princess, here’s hoping you have a very safe and Happy Halloween.