When you think of group insurance, you traditionally envision a benefits package offered by your employer to you and your co-workers. The federal government has requirements in place for certain size businesses. Insurance must be offered to these employees. However, there are thousands of companies, smaller ones, that want to provide their employees with coverage. A group plan can save money and is available to 2 or more people that are not husband and wife (unless they reside in Wyandotte or Johnson County or other various states). For example, a small consultant business may consist of only three people, the owner, the tech manager, and a salesperson. This type of business can benefit from a group insurance package custom created for their needs and budget. Group insurance is not just for medium to large-sized companies.

AIS Can HelpLet AIS, Inc. help with your group insurance needs.

Every business is unique as well as its employees and budget. AIS is here to help no matter what the insurance needs may be. They are local agents that know the insurance industry in and out. They will sit down with you to discuss specific needs and requirements to create a custom benefits package that works. They can also compare plans from different carriers to find the right option. You won’t get that personalized, custom help if you call a specific insurance provider directly. AIS agents can explain the details in plain English, not in complicated insurance terms. And they take the time to listen to you.

Continuous Support from AIS

AIS, Inc. is a full-service company that will continue to support your business and its needs beyond insurance enrollment. They are always just a phone call away and ready to assist with claims questions, general plan administration, and HR workplace services. Insurance is important. Taking care of you and your employees is priority #1. AIS would like the chance to discuss your group insurance needs. Call (913) 397-9400 today for an appointment.