With the holidays quickly approaching, there are many opportunities to shop, travel, and celebrate. The season is filled with treats, dinners, gatherings, and friends and family. Many of us often finish this time of year feeling sluggish, a little overweight, and sometimes under the weather. Here are some tips to stay healthy over the holidays this year.

Healthy Holiday Eating & Drinking

When the holidays roll around, we often use them as an excuse to overindulge. Everywhere you turn, there are cookies, cakes, snacks, and treats. Try to let go of that “oh why not” mentality and be mindful of what you put in your body.

Pass on Seconds – When everything is so delicious, it can be hard to resist going back for seconds. Try to take a small break after your first round at the buffet to give your body a chance to signal you that you are full.

Maintain Balance – If you know grandma’s dressing will be irresistible, plan for extras. Eat lighter that day and the day after to balance your calorie intake.

Snack Healthy – Nosh on fruits, yogurts, nuts, and cheeses that are healthy and will fill you up.

Limit Alcohol – Go ahead and have a drink if you want one, just don’t overdo it.

Stay Hydrated – Remember to nourish your body with water, especially if you are consuming alcohol.

Stay Healthy by Taking Care of You

A big part of the holidays is doing for others. We spend time searching for the perfect gifts for others. We cook and bake and shop and clean with everyone else in mind. This, of course, is wonderful, but don’t forget to take care of yourself.

Relax and Unwind – Make sure to take time for you. Schedule a relaxing massage or take a

warm bath. Incorporate some meditation or a brisk walk into your day. Whatever helps you power down a bit will help you give more to others.

Get Sleep – Try to stick to your regular sleep schedule as best as possible. Our bodies thrive on routine, and even small deviations can make us feel out of sorts and even susceptible to illness.

Exercise – Keep moving throughout the holidays. Exercise is good for our bodies and our minds, so don’t skip your workouts.

See Your Doctor – Be sure to keep your regular doctor’s visits even if you’re busy. Use your preventative health insurance benefits to their max before the year is over.

May your holidays be merry and bright with this holiday stay healthy guide from AIS, Inc.

Colder weather, busy schedules, and stress can really put a damper on the holidays. Staying healthy will allow you to enjoy this time of year even more. It’s a good idea to get a flu shot and wash your hands often to avoid sickness. Stay healthy during the holidays, and may they be merry and bright!