Association Insurance Services, Inc. (AIS) is here to help you navigate the confusing and often overwhelming waters of the insurance industry. Located in Olathe, KS, AIS helps individuals, business owners, groups, and associations find the best possible insurance options available. They are licensed with all major insurance carriers and offer assistance with health plans, dental and vision insurance, life as well as short and long-term disability. No matter what your situation, AIS is your one-stop-shop for everything you need when it comes to insurance.

Group Insurance

Small business owners have to wear several different hats to run a competitive company. There are also many regulations and requirements set forth by the government they must follow. Once a business reaches a certain size (amount of employees) an insurance benefits package must be offered. The associates at AIS know the laws and can make sure your business is compliant. In addition, they can help build a package that is not only affordable to the business owner but also attractive to potential employees. More qualified and professional employees will be seeking out good benefits, making your company competitive. AIS is also ready to provide human resources and risk management services to all their clients.

Individual Insurance

If you are self-employed or for any reason need individual health insurance, shopping the market can be difficult. Simply reading through options can overwhelm anyone. AIS is once again there to help. They can explain options in a way that is understandable and give scenarios to consider. They will take the time to talk with you about your needs, your dependents, pre-existing conditions, and family health history concerns. These factors are essential when choosing what the “best” individual option may be. They will work within your budget and listen to your needs.

Association Insurance

AIS has over 28 years experience not only in group and individual insurance but also with associations. Having worked with associations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Midwest, they are knowledgeable in the needs of association members. They create unique and association-specific packages that are most beneficial to members. They provide concise information and are always a phone call away to help any member clarify information. Deep knowledge about each individual association and the needs of their members makes AIS the perfect insurance partner.

AIS and Insurance go Hand-in-Hand

Insurance will always be a hot topic and one that is forever changing in the current political climate. AIS is dedicated to continually educating themselves on the changes in the insurance market. Having experience and being in the insurance business for so many years gives them the ability to help anyone with their insurance needs. Call (913) 397-9400 to find the right coverage for you, your employees, your family or for association members today. Don’t navigate the insurance market on your own and find yourself in a difficult or unfortunate situation. Protect the ones you love with proper insurance. Contact AIS online to get started and feel good having experience on your side.