Spring is officially here and with it comes warmer weather and beautiful flowers. Many of us are re-motivated to spruce up our health routines this time of year. The truth is that our daily routines and habits can have a significant impact on our health. We all have good intentions, but sometimes our actions don’t align. Creating healthy habits that we can maintain is the key. Let’s all spring clean our health routines, get back on track and feel great starting right now.

Small Routine Changes with Big Impacts

Every day we wake up, get ready, go to work, come home and do it all over again the next day. So how can we up our healthy routines when we are already so busy with life in general? Start small with these three tips…

Ease Morning Stress – Your morning can set the tone for the rest of the day. If you are constantly running late, rushing around and in a stressful state every morning, it can be difficult to recover. The rest of your day can feel out of sorts. Taking a little time at the end of your day to plan your next morning can significantly improve things. Prepping breakfast the night before, packing a nutritious lunch and making sure your outfit is ironed and ready to wear can help. Maybe change up your routine and shower at night. If you have little ones to get out the door, have them prep the night before. The less you have to do in a sleepy state in the AM the better.

Step Away from the Phone – Cell phones are certainly a wonderful convenience, but they can, unfortunately, creep into our lives too much. Having everything at your fingertips makes it hard to put your phone down, but setting up boundaries is a great health routine that you can add to your efforts. Making certain times of the day electronic free is an excellent way to start. Make dinner time and bedtime a “no phone zone.” Maybe even a couple of hours during the evening for family time can be a time when cell phones are shut off. Put them in another room, so no one is tempted. If you have a bad habit of checking your phone excessively, consider downloading a phone habit tracker app. A little dose of reality just might motivate you to put your phone away.

Bedtime Routine Upgrade – Sleep is essential for your body, brain, and overall well-being. Making sure you get a good night’s sleep is an important health routine. Our bodies thrive on consistency. Getting yourself to bed at approximately the same time every day is a good start. Be sure to turn off electronics or use the night setting to reduce blue light. Diffuse essential oils like lavender or chamomile, drink some sleepy time tea or take a relaxing bath. Find what works for you. Take the time to allow your body and mind to relax to help ensure a restful sleep.

What works for you?

All these small health routines are a step in a positive direction. Creating habits that reduce stress and nourish your body can help you perform better throughout your day. Small steps can make an immense impact. Comment below to let us know what works for you and your health and best of luck in your spring health routine overhaul.