Of course, we need health insurance when we are sick. Having access to a doctor when feeling bad can help quickly diagnose and treat your illness so you can get better as soon as possible. When an illness is more serious, health insurance can be a lifesaver. Diagnosis, referral to a specialist, treatment, hospital stays, surgery and so much more can be astronomically expensive without insurance. But what about when you are well? Health insurance still has its benefits if you are not sick.

Preventative Measure and Health Insurance

The health care industry is beginning to shift its focus to preventative care more and more. Keeping patients healthy longer with preventative measures can be significantly less costly to insurance providers and is beneficial to consumers. Healthy customers are happy customers. Using your health benefits to the maximum is an excellent way to take advantage of preventative measures and to possibly remain healthier. Consistent appointments, such as annual check-ups, are the best way for your doctor to monitor your health and to notice any significant changes. Having a baseline of information to start with provides doctors with something to compare to each year. Schedule and go to all your annual visits. Have your blood work checked. See your specialist if required at the intervals suggested. Head to the dentist twice a year and the eye doctor annually. Take advantage of the flu shot and vaccinations. Ask for advice. All these preventative measures might help ward off potential issues or catch illnesses early, allowing for early treatment.

Additional Services offered by many Health Insurance CompaniesUse your health insurance benefits to the max to help stay healthy with AIS, Inc.

Seek out all your insurance provider has to offer. Many insurance companies now offer programs to their members for free. It’s merely a matter of asking about these opportunities. Some offer free or discounted exercise classes. Most provide screenings for depression and anxiety. Pre-natal courses, discounts on eye-wear, reduced gym membership and more may be available to you. These may be the small nudge you need to start down a new healthy path.

When you are at the doctor’s office, ask questions. Take home brochures on all that is available to you. Take advantage of what you can. Your doctor can help guide you towards what may fit your situation. Your doctor and your health insurance provider want you to be as healthy as possible. Sometimes small steps can lead to big things. Use your health insurance benefits when you are sick and when you are well for all over healthy wellness.