We’ve been waiting a long time for warmer weather, and finally, summer is just around the corner. Summer means outdoor fun, get-togethers, vacations, and no more school. It also means we need to step up our skin health routine so we can enjoy summer to its fullest potential. Just being outdoors more exposes our skin to more harmful sun rays. The good news is that there are lots of things we can do to keep our skin health in check all season long.

Skin Health and Sunscreen

You can’t talk about summer skin health without mentioning the importance of sunscreen. First things first, it’s time to pitch all those old bottles and tubes from last year and invest in new sunscreen for this year. Sunscreen doesn’t remain effective forever. There are a million product and brand options on the market. Chose the type you prefer for each body part and/or situation. Just be sure that whatever you choose is UVA/UVB protected and has an SPF value of 15-70. Take some time to look through the options. You may prefer an oil-free lotion for your face, and a sports spray for your back. If using lotion, the amount that can fill a shot glass is about what should be used to cover your whole body. Be mindful of when to reapply as well. Every 1-2 hours is a good rule of thumb but be sure to reapply after swimming, sweating, toweling off or if spending time at the beach with intense sun rays. In addition, don’t forget your lips, use a lip balm with SPF, the tops of your feet and your part or bald spot on your head. The sun will find your skin, even on a cloudy day, so be vigilant when applying sunscreen.

Other Important TipsKeep-your-skin-glowing-and-healthy-this-summer-with-these-important-skin-health-tips.

A few other important ways to keep you and your skin healthy this summer are…

Drink plenty of water: Avoid dehydration and flush out toxins with 8 or more glasses of water per day.
Apply lotion: Use a light, quick absorbing lotion during the summer months, especially after extended sun exposure.
Protect your eyes and face: Always wear UVA/UVB protected sunglasses and keep a hat or visor handy at all times.
Avoid peak sun hours: If possible, avoid outdoor activities between 10 am and 2 pm.
Don’t use tanning beds
Get regular skin checks from a doctor or dermatologist

Enjoy Summer to the Fullest

We know you are looking forward to sunny summer days and you can still enjoy them. Simply take the time to take care of your skin health, and you’ll be able to get out as much as you like. Your skin is an organ, a very important one, that needs to be protected. Here’s hoping your summer is excellent along with your glowing summer skin.