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With healthcare often in the new, many of us are focused on health insurance coverage and how it might change. Vision, dental and hearing coverage tends to take the back burner. Just like overall health, annual checkups for vision, dental and hearing can catch issues early. Many times finding issues early can help in prevention and early measure to reverse problems. Vision needs vary from person to person but can often decline with age. Dental care is proving to be more and more critical to overall health. The CDC reports that nearly 50% of adults have gum disease which is preventable, treatable and can lead to serious problems if not discovered. It often occurs with no symptoms. Hearing can also decline with age or due to an accident or genetics. All these important health components need annual checkups and can be very expensive without coverage.

Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Association Vision, Dental and Hearing Options

The OCA and AIS have come together again to offer some exceptional vision, dental and hearing plans for members. By offering plans structured for individuals on a group platform, these plans offer better benefits and more competitive rates. Only OCA members are eligible to use these packages.

VSP Vision Plan – Benefits including a $10 copay for an eye exam, discounts and specials on lenses and frames, and discounts on LASKI or VisionCare.

Low Dental Plan – Offers a $50 deductive for only $16.44 per month for one individual with a $750 annual max.

High Dental Plan – This plan offers a $50 deductible as well and hearing benefits. Paying up to $75 for hearing exams as well as money towards hearing aids that accumulate over time. The first year of enrollment pays up to $400 per ear, year two up to $600 per ear and year three up to $800 per ear. There is also a carryover on benefits. Spending $250 or less earns an additional $125 on the annual maximum for the next year. The first year’s maximum is $1,200 per person and could be $1,325 the following year. Another added feature is an annual PPO bonus. By staying in the Ameritas network, up to $50 per insured can be added to the annual maximum for the next year. The maximum carryover amount is $500 to be added to the annual max. This high plan is $32.68 per month for one individual with a $1200 annual max.

Start the New Year off right with a brand new vision, dental and hearing plan. AIS is here to help guide you through the process while answering any questions you may have.

Visit to enroll.
Call AIS at (913) 397-9400 with questions or for more details.