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The growth of your company is always an exciting process. Hiring additional employees typically means your company is either about to add a lot of business or you already have!

Providing The HR Services Your Company Needs

Group Health Insurance and HR Benefits AIS Inc.Rapid expansion also means providing HR services to your new and existing staff. This can be a tricky process because finding the right person to provide these services to your company can be just as important as finding the next key hire to your company. Association Insurance Services Inc. makes the search process easier by giving your company all the resources it needs without the tedious process of finding the right HR staff member to add to your team.

Why Association Insurance Services Inc.? For nearly 25 years, we have helped our clients save money and time by operating independently from their company. We can best suit your employee’s needs by finding them the best possible benefit assistance and insurance for their lifestyle, whether they are single with no kids or they’ve been married 15 years with four children.

Online HR and Employee Benefits

At Association Insurance Services Inc., we are all about providing you with quality services that meets your company’s needs. These services include:

Reports and Analytics – We will provide your company with detailed reports on their transactions with HR. That way you are constantly aware of the needs and trends of your employees.
Onboarding and Offboarding – Onboarding is the process of adding a new employee to your company’s system while offboarding is the process of removing an employee from your system. Additionally, a change in an employee’s role in the company (going part-time to full-time and vice versa) also is handled with this, as they gain or lose privileges.
Benefits Administration – This includes establishing, maintaining and managing the benefits of all employees in your company. This encompasses all the services you wish to provide to your employees, whether it is vacation and sick time, maternity leave or even their retirement plans.
Time and Attendance – We can help you manage your payroll by providing you with reports on attendance of your employees and how many hours they have put in.
Paid Time Off – Management of your employee’s paid time off is crucial for your company once you give this benefit to those that have qualified. Making sure an employee requests their time off, gets paid and they are aware if they are close to going over their allotted PTO.
Management and Compliance – Face it, you’re more worried about getting more clients for your company and growing rather than making sure your HR department keeps up with the latest laws and compliance issues. We can help you by handling compliance of all local and national laws.
Insurance – Whether you’re providing Group Health Insurance, Individual Insurance or Association Benefits and Insurance, we can help you.

Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns you may have about healthcare, benefits, or anything else! To receive information about how to obtain an innovative, customized solution contact us today: (800) 523-8351.