Are you in a constant state of exhaustion? So many of us live day to day feeling tired and we often don’t know why. The daily routine is zapping our energy, making us less productive and often less joyful. There has to be something you can do to get back to your old self. Ending the cycle of always feeling tired can breathe new life into your everyday activities. Let’s explore why you are always tired.

Tired Triggers

Going to bed earlier doesn’t seem to help. Guzzling coffee all day isn’t making a difference. What could be causing this constant state of tiredness?

1. Is your to-do list to blame? When your to-do list is so long you constantly feel overwhelmed, something needs to change. A list that just cannot be physically finished will make you feel defeated. Any small task you accomplish won’t make you feel better if it’s just a drop in the bucket. Learn to say “no” to some tasks. Delegate what you can. Break tasks into smaller increments that you can plan out. Reward yourself. Life it too short to let your to-do list make you feel tired every day.

2. Could you be thirsty? Surprisingly, being dehydrated can reduce your energy level. Dehydration can decrease the flow of blood to your organs making you sluggish. Mild dehydration can occur simply from sitting for 40 minutes. Splurge on a nice refillable water bottle and keep it close all day long to keep your body hydrated and your energy level could rise.

3. Is it time to quit your desk job? Well, let’s not get that drastic. But your desk job could be sapping your energy. Sitting can cause fatigue. The good news is that short bursts of walking, standing and moving around can alleviate these effects. Set a timer. Walk around the office, chat for a few minutes while standing or pace while thinking. Maybe consider investing in a standing desk. Before you know it your productivity and energy may increase.

Now, is that better?

We are all different. The key is to find what works for you. Tiredness affects us all, but letting it become a chronic issue is not good. These simple steps can get you started. There, of course, can be deeper issues such as sleep apnea, depression or more that should be discussed with your doctor. We all can’t have the energy of a 3-year-old, but if you are feeling extra drained day after day, these tips just might get you on the road to feeling better.