We’ve all been there. Whatever the occasion may be, a birthday party, girls/guys night out or date night, temptation is everywhere. Heading out with friends or family to a delicious restaurant can often lead to overeating. Maybe they serve your favorite dish. Maybe you’ve been eating light all day to “save room” for a fancy meal. Or maybe you’re just happy you don’t have to cook. No matter what the reason, we all regret overeating when it happens. All of a sudden your pants feel tight, your body feels tired and bloated and you wish you had a little more self-control. Well, you’re not alone. This two-part blog series provides some real life, easy tips to keep your eating in check so you can truly enjoy your time out on the town.

Stop Overeating with a Real Breakfast

Breakfast has long been considered the most important meal of the day. It sets your metabolism in motion after a long night’s sleep. Health professionals have pushed a good breakfast for decades. Research shows that those that skip breakfast tend to feel hungrier throughout the day which can lead to overeating. If you know you will be going out to dinner on a certain day, boosting the protein in your breakfast can set the tone for the day. 25-30 grams of protein at breakfast can significantly reduce cravings for fatty and sugary foods later in the day. Curtailing cravings can help immensely when scrumptious food options are offered at dinner time.

Drink up – Water Works Wonders

Water hydrates your body all the way down to your cells. But who knew that water could help when it comes to overeating? 30 minutes prior to an anticipated big meal, drinking 16 ounces of water can help you feel fuller. When you feel full, you tend to eat less. Not only will you make a significant dent in your daily water intake goals, but you’ll set yourself up for success at meal time. The only downside is that an extra visit to the restroom may be necessary.

Take Control by Ordering First

When eating out, what others at the table eat can influence your own choices. When tablemates are indulging it’s much more likely you will be tempted as well. It’s human nature. To avoid the chances of ordering that huge meal and overeating, simply order first. You won’t be swayed by what others are eating and you can make a good decision about what you want to eat. You may find that your healthier menu choice just might sway others at the table to eat right too.

When you have in place certain strategies that keep you on track and reduce your chances of overeating, you’re more likely to succeed. Stay tuned for the next blog in this series with more tips to help you stay strong. Protect your health on a daily basis and avoid that awful tight pants feeling by curbing overeating.