Life gets busy, and many of us often put our health on the back burner. We tend to keep chugging along until our bodies scream that something is wrong. This season of New Year’s Resolutions is an excellent time to be more proactive with your health. We all know that preventative maintenance can help avoid health issues and catch problems earlier rather than later. Just like visiting the doctor every year, seeing your eye doctor is just as important. Not only can they help with correcting your vision, but there are many other things your eye doctor can do for you.

Eye Doctors Can See Other Medical Conditions

Did you know your eye doctor can be the first line of defense in detecting high blood pressure? Did you know they can also see early signs of high cholesterol, diabetes, hormone imbalance, or even a brain tumor? Anything related to the circulatory system can show signs in your eyes through tiny blood vessels around the retina. Also, the optic nerve connects directly to the brain, allowing clues of a neurological problem to show through.

Get Checked and Use Your Vision InsuranceTaking care of your health is so important. Be sure to visit the eye doctor once a year.

An annual visit to your eye doctor should be a no-brainer. Not only can certain medical conditions be detected, but additional tests and scans, such as ones for glaucoma and the presence of blind spots, will take place. This data can be valuable for comparison with future scans as a baseline as well.

Many folks carry vision insurance and should be sure to take advantage of all the benefits provided. All plans cover a yearly exam with a copay. Vision plans also offer discounted rates with an allowance for lenses and frames. Remember to always be aware which doctors are in-network and which are not. Some plans offer out-of-network coverage, but you will pay more out of pocket.

AIS is Your Local Insurance Expert

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