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HSA and Medicare Enrollment – Understanding the Rules

 HSA and Medicare Enrollment - Understanding the Rules There are specific rules that pertain to the interplay between a Health Savings Account (HSA) and enrollment in Medicare.  A good understanding of the rules can help a company work with its employees in determining what they can and cannot do at the time they become eligible for Medicare. We are frequently asked…if an employee can still contribute to an HSA if they do not enroll in Medicare. The simple answer is yes.  But.  There ... Read more

Clarifying Preventive vs. Diagnostic Services

How do you determine when a service is considered preventive, screening, routine, or diagnostic? AIS and People 1st Health Strategies, Inc., is looking to help you gain more of an understanding when it comes to your health care and the services that you receive. We hope this helps clarify and ease some of the uncertainty regarding these services.   Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns you may have about health care, benefits, or anything else! To receive information on how ... Read more

The Department of Labor announced the new Final Rule to the FLSA White Collar Exemptions.

Department of Labor Releases Final Overtime Regulations The Final Rule will: Raise the salary threshold indicating eligibility from $455/week to $913 ($47,476 per year), ensuring protections to 4.2 million workers. Automatically update the salary threshold every three years, based on wage growth over time, increasing predictability. Raise the “highly compensated” threshold from $100,000 per year to $134,004.   The final rule will become effective on December 1, 2016, giving employers more than six months to prepare.  In addition, the final rule does not make any changes to the duties ... Read more

Navigating the Difficult Healthcare Industry

AIS Can Help You Navigate the Difficult Healthcare Industry A recent national Harris poll commissioned by Accolade, a healthcare concierge company, is shedding some light on the current healthcare system and how consumers feel about it. The numbers are a bit troubling. Participants were asked questions about how they would rate the ease of our current system, how confident they are in their knowledge of healthcare, and how they would rate their experience overall. When rating the ease of the current healthcare marketplace, ... Read more

What is the Cadillac Tax?

So What Is The Cadillac Tax? The “Cadillac Tax” refers to an annual excise tax on high-cost employer sponsored health insurance, but what does this actually mean? Below you will find the Anatomy of the Cadillac Tax that will walk you through what the Cadillac Tax actually means; What is the purpose of the Cadillac Tax, How is the tax calculated, who pays the Cadillac tax, and what is included in the tax. Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns ... Read more

AIS is Ready for the 2016 Agri-Marketing Conference!

AIS Is Attending the Agri-Marketing 2016 Confrence! As a member of The National Agri-Marketing Association (the nation's largest association for professionals in marketing and agribusiness), Association Insurance Services, Inc. is excited to announce its attendance at the upcoming 2016 Agri-Marketing Conference. This year’s conference will be held in Kansas City at the Sheraton Kansas City Hotel, April 13th-15th. With over 1,200 professionals in attendance, the Agri-Marketing Conference promises to be an educational and successful event. With strong ties to the marketing and agribusiness ... Read more

Be Careful Who You Partner With When It Comes To Your HR Benefits

When it comes to your simply added value of Human Resources Services it is important to do your do diligence.  Be Careful Who You Partner With When It Comes To Your HR Benefits, because not all companies are created equal. For more information read this article, Zenefits CEO steps down over compliance issues, about how some companies are simply looking to take advantage of you and your business.  Association Insurance Services Inc is proud to partner with HR Workplace Services to provide you a full ... Read more

IRS Extends ACA filing Deadlines December 28, 2015

Legislative Update for the IRS in regard to a delay in ACA Reporting. IRS Extends ACA filing Deadlines The IRS issued Notice 2016-4 earlier today extending the due date for furnishing to employees Form 1095-B, Health Coverage, and Form 1095-C, Employer Provided Health Insurance Offer and Coverage. The due date for furnishing information to employees moves from February 1, 2016 to March 31, 2016. Notice 2016-4 extends the due date: For furnishing to individuals with: the 2015 Form 1095-B, Health Coverage, the 2015 Form 1095-C, Employer-Provided ... Read more

The Essential Health Benefits-PACE Act

HR Workplace Services PACE Act Signed into Law on October 7, 2015 Employers who thought they may get relief from “small group” provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will not get such relief. On October 7, 2015 President Obama signed into law the Protecting Affordable Coverage for Employees (PACE) Act. Prior legislation would have expanded the definition of a small group from 2 – 50 employees to 2 – 100 employees. The PACE Act keeps the current definition of a small group as it is at ... Read more

The Complete Client Experience with AIS, Inc.

  The growth of your company is always an exciting process. Hiring additional employees typically means your company is either about to add a lot of business or you already have! Providing The HR Services Your Company Needs Rapid expansion also means providing HR services to your new and existing staff. This can be a tricky process because finding the right person to provide these services to your company can be just as important as finding the next key hire to your company. Association ... Read more
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