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Clarifying Preventive vs. Diagnostic Services

How do you determine when a service is considered preventive, screening, routine, or diagnostic? AIS and People 1st Health Strategies, Inc., is looking to help you gain more of an understanding when it comes to your health care and the services¬†that you receive. We hope this helps clarify and ease some of the uncertainty regarding these services.   Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns you may have about health care, benefits, or anything else! To receive information on how ... Read more

Navigating the Difficult Healthcare Industry

AIS Can Help You Navigate the Difficult Healthcare Industry A recent national Harris poll commissioned by Accolade, a healthcare concierge company, is shedding some light on the current healthcare system and how consumers feel about it. The numbers are a bit troubling. Participants were asked questions about how they would rate the ease of our current system, how confident they are in their knowledge of healthcare, and how they would rate their experience overall. When rating the ease of the current healthcare marketplace, ... Read more