4 Key Factors to help you Stay Healthy

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Staying healthy is a lifelong commitment that many of us often struggle with. We are continually bombarded with tips and advice from the news, our friends and colleagues, and professionals like doctors and nurses. No wonder we often feel overwhelmed by what is truly important and what to focus on. Sometimes going back to the basics is your best bet. In our struggles to stay healthy, focusing on these 4 key factors can get you started off on the right foot.

Stay Healthy with these Basics

Working on these 4 key factors related to overall health can have big potential health benefits.

1.Diet – Of course, what we put in our bodies affects us in many ways. Diet has long been correlated with several major widespread health issues such as heart disease. No one has a perfect diet all the time, but if we strive for good nutrition the majority of the time, it can be attainable. Remember to eat a wide variety of foods, lean meats, lots of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, limit alcohol and reduce salt and sugar intake.

2.Exercise – No true stay healthy plan is complete without exercise in the mix. The health benefits of regular exercise are astounding. Feeling better, added energy and even a longer lifespan are just the tip of the iceberg. Many health conditions and diseases can be potentially reduced with a regular exercise plan in place. Find something you enjoy and keep doing it. Walking is often the perfect exercise!

3.Sunscreen – No matter what the season, sunscreen is important. The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 1 in 5 will get skin cancer in their lifetime. Daily use of a Broad-spectrum protection sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB rays with a 30 SPF is recommended.

4.Quit Smoking – This can be a tough one. But smokers need to know that smoking is the single largest preventable cause of death in the USA. It affects every part of the body from the brain to the skin. If you are a smoker, there is hope. There are many products and plans on the market to help you quit and the really good news is the effects of smoking are reversible.

Stay Healthy by using your Insurance Benefits

Along with these basic health tips, utilizing your health insurance benefits to stay healthy is important. Be sure to schedule your annual screenings and checkups with your doctor, dentist, eye doctor and any specialist you may use. Talk with them about your lifestyle and family history. Seeing them regularly allows them to have a benchmark to see how things change with your body through the years and to discuss issues as they arise. Ask them about tests you should take. Lean on them for dietary help or on way to assist with quitting smoking. No question is a bad one. Help these professionals help you stay healthy as long as possible.