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Association Insurance Services, Inc.

We are licensed with all major carriers, and we work closely with your company to provide a benefits package that works for you. By providing options and choices for your benefits, we prepare quotes from multiple providers to help you select the best plan for your employees. We will help you implement wellness plans and administer COBRA, as well as assisting with health reimbursement accounts and health savings accounts.  We are here to help!

Group Insurance Benefit Programs

    • AIS has a diverse customer base ranging from small business run from home to mid-sized farming operations, to large-scale factories
    • We create programs specifically for your business and individual needs
    • Plans can be partially self-funded or fully insured
    • We offer traditional PPO plans, HSA plans, and Incentive-Based Wellness Programs
  • Selecting the right employee benefits has far-reaching advantages; taking care of your employees and their families will always reflect well on your company.


Individual Policies

When it comes to all the changes in the Individual Health Care Insurance Market, AIS will keep you as updated as possible regarding your insurance options. 

We offer:

    • A variety of options from a variety of carriers
    • Individual health plans (during open enrollment and qualifying events)
    • Short term medical plans
    • Ancillary products
  • Medicare supplement plans

Types of Group Health Insurance AIS Provides:

    • Wellness Plans
    • HR Compliance
    • COBRA
    • HRA’s
    • Association Benefits
    • Short and Long Term Disability
    • Medicare Supplements
  • Ancillary Coverages, including:
      • Dental
      • Vision
      • Life Insurance
      • Long-Term Care
      • Accident
      • Cancer
    • Critical Illness

To receive information on how to obtain an original, customized solution, contact AIS, Incor call us today at (800) 523-8351!