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When it comes to all the changes going on in the Individual Health Care Insurance Market, AIS will keep you as updated as possible regarding your insurance options. 

Individual Insurance with Association Insurance Services Inc.

Association Insurance Services Inc. is dedicated to maintaining successful business relationships with individuals and insurance carriers. That is why we can confidently offer the best options for individual insurance.

Individual Insurance Coverage Options 

Health—Medical coverage is now required by the Federal Government. Let us help you find the plan that suits your needs and your budget.  We will help you find a plan that includes the doctors and facilities you want as well as the coverage options you need.

Disability—Disability insurance is the only coverage that you can purchase that ensures your paycheck.

If you don’t have at least six months of savings to get you through a short-term (not to mention long-term disability) accident or illness, then it is so very important that you purchase disability coverage.

We offer both group programs where the employer shares in the cost and voluntary programs which would be paid 100% by the employee.

We work with only those insurance companies that offer strong disability contracts.

Long Term Care—What happens when your Medicare plan does not appropriately address your growing needs? The right long-term care plan will cover much-needed services, such as in-home health care, and activities of daily living. Your Medicare plan may not cover these services.

Vision—We work with VSP and vision providers who have a large network of doctors and offer discounts on lenses, frames and exams.

Dental—Dental coverage is the best way to complete your individual insurance package. Healthy teeth and gums are indicative of good overall health overall. Do not forget about dental insurance when you select medical coverage.

Life—It is never too early to get life insurance. Protect your loved ones from having to bear the burden of your final expenses, or add to your net worth with the right life insurance plan.

No matter what you are looking for between health care and benefits, we have the experience and knowledge to help you find the right individual insurance to suit your changing needs.

Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns you may have about health care and your benefits. To receive information on how to obtain an original customized solution contact us today (800) 523-8351.