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AIS, Inc. is pleased to offer its clients essential HR services at no additional cost. Free and direct access to the wealth of knowledge and services provided by HR Workplace Services (HRWS), an international industry leader, has been proven invaluable to insurance clients. Protecting your business as well as your employees is goal #1 for AIS, Inc. The amount of work and time that business owners commit to every aspect of their company makes it difficult to be an expert on everything. And HR issues are critical to both the business and its employees. From day to day issues to long-term planning, HRWS is there to assist.

HR Compliance

As an employer, there are rules and regulations placed by the Federal Government that must be met. Not only will AIS, Inc. help your business reach compliance when it comes to insurance benefits, but with free assistance through HRWS, they will ensure all HR requirements are met as well. Through the Department of Labor, the IRS and other entities, the Federal Government can target any business by audition and penalizing non-compliance. This can bring about hefty fines that can be difficult or impossible to pay, causing bankruptcy or affecting the business owner personally. Ignorance is never a valid excuse. HRWS provides knowledge, forms, and assistance for all required human resource programs and literature. They can explain all aspects and answer any questions to help business owners rest assured they have met all government requirements.

Workplace Conflict

Conflict among employees is something that every business owner has to deal with at some point. Many situations don’t present themselves in simple black and white terms. This can put stress on the workforce, the owner, and the state of the business and its ability to service its customers. AIS, Inc. clients can rely on a dedicated team of trusted and knowledgeable professionals at HRWS to help resolve workplace conflicts. Leaning on someone with real-life experience as well as knowledge of the legal ramifications can help move towards a positive resolution.

HR Training

All AIS, Inc. clients have complimentary access to a 3500-course on-demand training platform that includes over 270 hours of HR certification credits. This allows for training of your HR staff as well as an enormous bank of knowledge to reference when needed. Staff training for all state and federal requirements is just a click away.
The team at AIS, Inc. and HRWS offer so much more to ensure all aspect of insurance and HR needs are met for their clients. Other areas included at no additional cost by HRWS are…

Lawsuit Avoidance
Workplace Conflicts
Protective HR Infrastructure and Strategy
Employee Relations GuidanceEnjoy free access to HR Services when you are an AIS,Inc. customer.
Policies and Procedures
Handbook & Policy Reviews
Wage and Hour Assistance
Training for all staff (including HR certification credit accumulation)
And much more

Call AIS, Inc. today at (913) 397-9400 and take the guesswork out of two important aspects of running your business.