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Association Member Programs with AIS, Inc. 

Association Insurance Services, Inc. has been working with associations in Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Midwest for 25 years. Our partners admire our dedication to their diverse needs and we work hard to provide the best employee benefits packages for them. Our specialists can evaluate your current benefits and help you decide if you need to make additions or changes to suit your growing association. We will assist you in finding the most comprehensive benefits available. Our goal is to help you! Your organization should not be bogged down sorting through benefits plans, we can take this over for you. By presenting you with plans that suit your specific needs you can manage your association and focus on further growth.

Assessing your Association Member Programs

AIS, Inc. is here to assist you in creating and maintaining your association programs. Each year we look to be sure the programs you have in place are still the best for your members. By knowing the insurance and benefits market we are able to be your resource in an industry that can be difficult to navigate on your own.

In addition to helping you find the right benefit packages, we are also able to assist with section 125 cafeteria plans, COBRA administration, and voluntary benefits.

Allow us to help you with your association member programs, and we guarantee your satisfaction.

Give AIS, Inc. a call today for any questions or concerns you may have about health care and your benefits. To receive information on how to obtain an original customized solution contact us today (800) 523-8351.